Drama Club and One Act Play Update

By Christian Santos

Drama club offers opportunities for self-expression, fun and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All students are welcome to be themselves while playing games such as: Garden of Statues, Freeze tag, and improv.  Weekly club meetings usually start off with updates of any news, followed by games (or shenanigans).

More importantly, Drama Club produces a play in the fall and competes in UIL-sponsored One Act Play during the spring. Katherine Morales and Nick Gaitan are both presidents of the club.

“The acting [determined our success] last year,” Nick Gaitan stated of the clubs success last year, which relied mostly on talent, with few props. Gaitan hopes that in One Act Play the club can “advance to bi-district, or [beyond] that.”  The club meets on Thursdays and will be holding auditions in January for anyone who would like to take part in the play.  Positions are available onstage and behind the scenes.

Current sponsor Mrs. Bellows will be turning the club over to a new sponsor next semester.

StuCo is Voice for Students

By Skyla Garcia

The Brooks Academy Student Council (StuCo) was not only welcoming but far more formal than I was prepared for. I had the privilege of interviewing officers Katherine Morales, Ethan Shelbourne-Dominguez, and Summer Britt after a meeting last week. The common feeling among club members is that Brooks Academy students are not aware of what StuCo does on their behalf.  StuCo plays a big part in most of the school’s events.  Continue reading

BASE Welcomes New Faculty Member–Mr. Joyce

     Mr. Joyce is the new English/Journalism teacher at Brooks Academy. He is new to this school, but not to the teaching community. Here at Brooks Academy we are interested in figuring out how a new teacher will fit into our school.

     Mr. Joyce became an English teacher because of his English professor who inspired him: Dr. Mark Allen. “If I could be a quarter as cool as Dr. Allen was as a teacher, I think I would be set for life”, said Mr. Joyce when explaining his past professor. His goal is to prepare us for the future and work force.  His teaching methods are to take the outside world and put it into our writing and class work. “I thing genuinely caring about students and their success makes a huge difference,” replied Mr. Joyce when asked how he plans on connecting with the students.

     The students are interested to find out any different techniques that Mr. Joyce has when it comes to teaching them things they need to know.

UIL Spelling/Vocabulary Team Sets Sights on State

By Rose Garcia

     The Brooks Academy Spelling and Vocabulary UIL team is a group of students who have an interest in spelling and communication skills. “It is a good way for the students to build their vocabulary.” says the club faculty sponsor is Mrs. Vidal-Rosenthal.

     The main competition takes place in March where the students will be tested on their spelling and vocabulary skills. Prior to the competitions, the students meet every Thursday after school in Mrs. Vidal-Rosenthal’s room where they practice and memorize  about 1, 500 words that have been provided by UIL, including “any word that is in the American-Heritage dictionary fifth edition,” stated Mrs. Vidal-Rosenthal. There the students “practice how to spell all the words and memorize their definitions,” explains Margaret Cavazos, 10th grade. When asked if there is a specific strategy they use to memorize so many words, Margaret Cavazas responded “I like to write the words on the board several times because it is easier for me to memorize that way.” Another member, sophomore Chandler McFall added, “Making flashcards and having literal spelling and vocabulary tests…are the best things I can use.” Continue reading

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UIL Social Studies Preps for Competition

By: Lauren Suniga and Skyla Garcia

Recently, UIL Social Studies has commenced under the direction of

faculty sponsor, Mr. Riel. By attending this club students do not earn any

additional course credit, being involved in extracurricular activities is the true

benefit, but also receive tutoring sessions while attending.

According to Mr. Riel, “Competitions will begin in March. The

competition will consist of writing an essay based of a book members have

been required to read called, the Guns of August, and complete a multiple

choice test.” The topics every year are chosen at random, this year the topic is

World War I.

Senior Rose Garcia stated, “I’m a bit nervous for competition, but I

feel as though we will place.”

In preparation for competition the UIL Social Studies club meets every Tuesday after school in the Media Lab in the Elementary Building at 4pm.

C/O 2018: Better Together

By Julia Cruz

     The class of 2018 is raising money, and needs your participation .The class of 2018 is hoping for a successful year, and has many fundraisers planned.  Officers plan to not only raise money for the class but also serve the community through volunteering at the Elf Louise Toy Drive. They need more participation from sophomores. Sophomores can give ideas to bring the class together, or ask how they can help out, or even help out with upcoming events. Every student counts.

     The class of 2018’s sponsor, Ms. Saenz says that she wants the class to come together as one large unified group, rather than several smaller ones.  She feels that this can be achieved through social events coordinated by the school.  Her goal as the sponsor is to “connect, and communicate, and to come together.” So let’s make that possible sophomores!  Please see class officers or Ms. Saenz to see what kind of impact you can make.

Club 17

If you haven’t heard about club 17 sponsored by Dr. Beman you should read this now. Two years ago a small group of middle school students had an idea about a youth group and brought it up to Dr. Beman. At first the club struggled to keep members, but has undergone anew this year. Their main objective is to attract many students as possible. This clubs plan is to make the student body stronger in faith, to have good qualities, address morals in school, and have better self-improvement.

Every Thursday at 7:30 in the morning they meet in Dr. Beman’s classroom, L60.The club studies gospel lessons, watch Christian documentaries (one about: Astronomy and The Creation of Gods Power), pray together, and inform each other as to who they are in Christ as a student body. The students would like to make a difference thru fellowships, prayer, and the word of God to inspire others.

By Vanessa Aycock, NHS Member

As the candle burns brightly into hundreds of eyes, and the recitation of the NHS pledge echoes through the gym, a feeling of success and pride runs through your body. “When I got accepted it was a great experience knowing I met all the requirements. The feeling to hold a lot of responsibility, maintain a 3.0 GPA, a good behavior, good attendance, and being a responsible leader seems a lot but it’s a challenge I can accept,” senior Mariah Cortez, said.

National Honor Society is a national organization for high school students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Being a member of NHS is one of the highest goals to accomplish here at Brooks Academy. Senior and 2 year member Rose Garcia said, “It’s an advantage to be in NHS, teachers have a different outlook on you just knowing that you are an NHS member.”

In order to be a successful NHS student you must follow the expectations of the sponsors who are Mrs. Rosenthal, and Ms. Nelson. “I expect them to be hard-working individuals who are also service-oriented. They should have high ideals and be focused on helping their community thrive. They should hold themselves to maintaining high academic standards.”

If you are someone who wants to be a part of NHS at Brooks Academy, Mrs. Rosenthal would advise that “students be involved in school activities. It is important to maintain a 3.5 G.P.A. and to have good rapport with students and teachers. They should take on leadership roles so that they learn how to become organized and can develop working relationships.”

Bioscience Club Update

By Gerardo Moreno

   The Brooks Academy Bioscience Club is designed for students who are interested in the field of bioscience. The club focuses on lab projects with biotechnology and geometric engineering, and also suggests solutions to real world problems that involve bioscience. The club was established by Mr. Ayala who currently teaches tenth grade chemistry. Mr. Ayala said that he is committed to helping the students who are interested in working as  biomedical researchers, biotechnology technicians, biologists, or healthcare professionals.

     The club is available designed for students in grades 10-12. Meetings are held on Wednesdays. Students who are interested in joining will need to speak with Mr. Ayala in room L70.